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D&D 5e Enhanced Player Character Creation Checklist by Hawkes-Robinson, includes D&D 5e TRPG Player Equipment Chiecklist and D&D 5e DM Setup Checklist - Download PDF here.

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2. 4. Describe Your Character Gender Age (DMG) _ Height (DMG) _ Social Standing (DMG) _ Family Size (DMG) _ Siblings (DMG) _ Parental relationship status & condition (alive, dead, etc.) _ NPC Traits applied to PC (DMG) Speed Vision Character Name Appearance highlights Size (height, weight, build) (p 121) Hair (head, facial, body) Eyes Skin Alignment (p 122) Languages (race & p 123) Religious Pantheon (if applicable) Patron Deity (if applicable) Background Options(begins p. 125) Land of origin details Clan/family Attitude toward other clans/families/countries/races Personality Traits (p 123) Something(s) you like Something(s) you dislike Past accomplishments _ DMG Secondary Skills Fear(s) Self-attitude Mannerisms Habits Beliefs (beyond religion/alignment) Ideals Bonds Flaws _ Mortifying secret, that if anyone found out would be terrible. Saving Throws, Encumbrance, etc. Create a short background synopsis indicating the initial relationship your character has with the other characters joining in the adventure. _ Finish any other remaining character details

3. 5. Choose Equipment Purchase starting equipment (p. 143) (consider Equipment Packs if desired, p 151, and tools p 154). Remember clothing for various weather, rope, light sources, food, waterskins, containers to carry equipment, etc. Armor (calculate armor class) Weapon(s) (melee and/or missile/thrown). Everyone gets 1 free roll on the Trinkets table (pp. 160-161), and then you create a background story as to why you have it, and relevant significance. 6. Gather Together • Establish location. • Establish duration. • Establish start and end schedule. • Plan on a physical get up and move around break for 5 minutes every hour. • If session duration exceeds 3-4 hours, consider a mid-session longer 15-30 minute break. Hawkes-Robinson House Rules: • Pick a Felllowship Focus (TOR/AiMe). Tie in with PC background and story. • Allow alternate rules of “Multiclassing” beginning on p. 163, and Feats beginning on p.165 (instead of an attribute gain at certain levels, there must be a story-related reason for how/why that feat fits your character’s story and background). 7. Equipment Checklist for Players • Location to be seated. • PC Sheet • Set of dice • Players Handbook • Player handouts (from DM) • Additional dynamic and static data storage tool (pencil/paper/post-its) and writing surface (if needed, like clipboard if using more relaxed seating such as sofas).

1. Hawkes-Robinson's D&D 5 th Edition Enhanced Character Creation Checklist Revision 20180311d Remember to read the following before beginning character creation: “Player Code of Conduct” & “House Rules”. For the relevant campaign setting, you may also want to ask for any handouts, maps, or web pages provided by your Dungeon Master as an overview of the setting. 0. Preliminary Information to Complete DM & Campaign Information: • Dungeon Master Name, Phone, & Email. • Campaign Name • Group Name/Number Player information: • Player Contact Information: • Player first and last name. • Player text/phone number. • Player email. • Player approximate geographic location (if relevant) for this group. • Player timezone (if relevant for this group). • List of any health/allergy issues and/or accessibility accommodations needed. • Consent checklist 1. Choose Race Choose general World/Land of Origin (more details in step 4) Racial Traits Ability score adjustments (noted on side of ability) 2. Choose Class Class Features. Calculate and write down Hit Points = 1 st level maximum hit points, subsequent level, roll hit die plus CON bonus. Saving Throw Proficiencies. Armor & Weapon Proficiencies. Select the spells you will be using at the beginning of the adventure. 3. Determine Ability Scores (rolling method) Roll 4d6, remove the lowest number die result, and calculate the total. Write down this number on scrap paper. Repeat this process 6 times. Allocate each of the 6 rolls to any attribute desired in any order (except Comeliness/Appearance if applicable). Hawkes-Robinson’s house rules: • Roll stats, 3d6 for each stat, in the order you roll. • Include APP/COM (7 th ) stat. A 7 th roll is automatically allocated to Appearance/Comeliness.

4. 8. Dungeon Master Setup Checklist • Blank, pregenerated, or the player’s completed character sheets (unless they keep them) • Players Handbook • Dungeon Masters Guide • Monster Manual(s) • Adventure Module(s) • Additional books and resource materials as needed • Dice • Dynamic and static data storage & retrieval tool(s)(pencil & paper typically) • DM Screen • Initiative tracking tool(s) • DM PC Roster(s) • DM NPC/Monster Rosters • DM Adventure Log Environment Check: • Lighting • Temperature • Noise • Scents • Seating • Safety check • Mobility accessibility check (wheelchair pinch points, stairs, etc.) Optional: • Table • Completed consent forms • Completed accessibility/adaptation request forms • Adaptive accessibility equipment • Maps • Dice tower(s) • Talking stick • Timer(s) • Battlemat(s) • Miniatures/tokens • Whiteboard, markers, magnets • Ambient / situations sounds • Fog maker (beware of asthma, allergies, etc.) • Lighting special effects (beware any strobes due to potential seizure issues, make sure can see well enough too) • Projector / flat screen TV/monitor


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