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          RPG Research freely shares our learning process with the public over our live video streams, recorded sessions on our Patreon page or our upcoming Gumroad page, and other publications at various locations.

           One of the best methods to get the most training from us for free, is to join as a volunteer and participate in one 4-hour training per week (see our schedule), and then "give back" to the community twice per month by helping with out programs.
          Currently we have 20 levels of achievement. We used to offer only 4 levels, and this was too steep a learning and commitment for most (though some have stuck to it over the years). As we break these into smaller bite-size units, we are trying to get  the lower levels to about 12-18 weeks of training per level. The higher level programs may have to be longer but we are trying to break those down into 6 month (or less) units as much as possible.

          Levels 1 training is fairly stabilized and mostly complete and ready. Levels 2 through 5 are getting close to this completion.

          Levels 6+ are still being worked out as far as the specific details.

          • Game Tiers

          • Learning Pathways

          • Volunteer Roles

          • Our Youtube Channel - youtube.com/rpgresearch

          • Our Twitch Channel - twitch.tv/rpgresearch

          • Our Research Repositories - /research

          • Our RPG Historical Museum - www.rpgmuseum.org (coming soon!) - donate to RPG Historical Museum: gofundme.com/rpgmuseum

          • Trainee Workbooks & Study Guides www.rpgpublishers.com (coming soon!)
            You can use our freely shared public information to self-train, but you will be missing out on the peer review benefits and the materials we can't release publicly due to copyright.You can join as a volunteer and go through our various learning pathways once per week, with regular testing.
            You can use the above to work toward completing one of our training diplomas at various levels.
            You can participate in-person or online during our multiple live training sessions per week.
            If the volunteer approach doesn't appeal, and you want something more rapid and intensive (though with less hands-on experience hours), consider checking out the for-profit RPG.LLC and the various paid training workshops and programs available there.

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