RPG Tour 2016

2016 RPG Tour with Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer First Tour Ever!
RPG Trailer First Tour Scheduling

by Hawke Robinson —  published Oct 03, 2016 11:40 AM,  last modified Mar 04, 2017 10:36 PM
Now that I have the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer Prototype, I need to think about scheduling... How about a little mini tour!

Just sharing some thinking out loud here about planning scheduling.

  • I currently have a weekly Tuesday TRPG group from 6-10 pm. This coming Tuesday, October 4th will be the first session held within the  RPG Trailer !
  • I facilitate a  weekly American Sign Language (ASL)  study group Saturday 4-5+ pm.
  • Run  Tolkien Society meeting  & broadcast on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 1-3 pm.
  • Participate in  2600 Information Security group  on the 1st Friday of each month from 5-7+ pm.
  • And of course have daily classes at EWU & SFCC.
  • And the scheduling of the  RPG Training & Certification courses  I am providing in an attempt to establish some game system agnostic professional standards.
  • I am planning a brief tour from Spokane to the greater Seattle / Tacoma areas, with the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer either this coming weekend, or the next.


So, for now, I will just be adding one more weekly free RPG group using the trailer, somewhere within the 50 mile radius of Spokane (for now). Probably on either Monday or Wednesday evenings.

I am dropping off my GM throne for the upcoming The Gamers Series by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment & Dead Gentlemen Productions, as a prop, and thought I would use the trip to the "west" side of the state to reconnect with many people that have been waiting 2-3 years for the idea of the RPG trailer to become a reality and make it possible to start coming over to that side of the state. This trip will help me find out the real MPG costs and other expenses so I can budget for future planning of other groups throughout the Northwest (and later North America).

I am hoping to meet in person, with the RPG Trailer the following, depending on their schedules and interest of course (about 30-60 minutes each stop):

  • Adam Davis & Adam Johns of Wheelhouse Workshop (pending confirmation)
  • Raffael Boccamazzo "Dr B" of Aspiring Youth  (pending confirmation)
  • Britney Robinson, CTRS at Navos Mental Healthcare  (pending confirmation)
  • One or more of the adults from the Tacoma-based Autism spectrum PAVE group  (pending confirmation)
  • Matt Vancil of ZOE  (pending confirmation)
  • I am guessing Ben is likely going to be in Canada, so don't know if can show him the trailer briefly, but maybe he'll be in town, will see...  (pending confirmation)
  • Don Early of Dead Gentlemen, so he can scope out the trailer to plan for potential use in future episodes  (pending confirmation)
  • Any of the ZOE / DG cast that happen to be available, Brian C. Lewis, Andy Dopieralski, (missing you Scott C. Brown!), etc. To thank for their support and encouragement, and their support videos, for helping this become a reality.  (pending confirmation)


I do not know yet how many will be available (or interested) in meeting on such short notice, but hopefully as many as possible. It is likely I won't be making another run over the passes until late Spring (don't want to try taking the 25' trailer through the snow just yet). 




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Trish says:
Oct 08, 2016 02:56 PM
When will you be back in the Tacoma area?
Hawke Robinson
Hawke Robinson says:
Oct 08, 2016 05:04 PM
I am planning to head back to Spokane tomorrow (Sunday), but could swing back down around the Tacoma area early in the day if folks wanted me to before heading back. While I will probably be back in he area around November, I won't be bringing the trailer back until late Spring or early Summer.
Hawke Robinson
Hawke Robinson says:
Mar 04, 2017 10:35 PM

The new Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer prototype, the RPG Research International Community, and RPG Therapeutics, Featured on KREM 2 News & Northwest Cable News!

by Hawke Robinson —  published Oct 10, 2016 06:55 PM,  last modified Jun 11, 2020 06:50 PM
On Monday, October 10th, 2016, Hawke Robinson, Founder of the RPG Research Project Community Website, President of RPG Therapeutics LLC, and creator of the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer, was interviewed over a 4 hour period from 5:00 am to 9:00 am by KREM 2 news reporter Kaitlin Loukides, with 4 short 1-3 minute live broadcast segments (one each hour)!
The new Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer prototype, the RPG Research International Community, and RPG Therapeutics, Featured on KREM 2 News & Northwest Cable News!

Hawke Robinson with Kaitlin Loukides in RPG Trailer at KREM 2 News Parking Lot

4 videos about using Role-Playing Games to achieve therapeutic & educational goals for various populations, with a longer geographic reach using the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer.
Also, here is information about the just completed first RPG Trailer Tour, which includes more photos and videos.


Video #1, from Segment ("Hit") #3, 7:45 am, October 10, 2016

Archived Video & Article from KREM 2 News, original URL:  http://www.krem.com/news/local/spokane-county/local-man-opens-unique-mobile-therapy-unit-to-help-physically-disabled/333302903

Also they posted it on Northwest Cable News here: http://www.nwcn.com/news/local/spokane-county/local-man-opens-unique-mobile-therapy-unit-to-help-physically-disabled/333306503 


Local man opens unique mobile therapy unit to help people with disabilities.

Local man opens up unique mobile therapy unit

Kaitlin Loukides , KREM   10:25 AM. PDT October 10, 2016

download  OP 2 CP  1476120112333 6474128 ver1.0

SPOKANE, Wash. – One local man said Monday he is on a mission to help people with physical disabilities by using one unique method – RPGs, or role playing games.

Hawke Robinson first thought of the idea two years ago. He is offering mobile therapy called “RPG Research” which brings a therapy trailer right to the patient’s doorstep.

As a recreation therapist for the Washington State Department of Health, Robinson has been studying ways to help people recovering from traumatic brain injuries, ADD and ADHD, and Cerebral Palsy, through different methods.

What Robinson found was a bit unconventional. He purchased a wheelchair-friendly trailer he was able to customize and turn into a mobile therapy unit. Inside, it has up to 50 different musical instruments for patients to use during the healing process, along with his primary focus – tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

Robinson said he has taken extensive neuroscience research and used it to understand how beneficial RPGs are in the therapy process for these patients.

Robinson paid for everything out of his own pocket and said he does not charge patients. He does have a GoFundMe account set up for people wanting to help him continue to serve and expand the service to more people across the region.

To learn more about his project, visit the RPG Research Project website


download  OP 1 CP  1476119080593 6474040 ver1.0

Mobile therapy unit   



Video #2 from Segment ("Hit") #1 broadcast live at 5:34 am, October 10th, 2016.

 Original URL: http://www.krem.com/news/local/spokane-county/local-man-opens-up-mobile-therapy-unit/333209401





Video #3, from KREM 2 News Live Facebook Broadcast around 9:00 am, October 10th, 2016

I couldn't get embed code to work for the FB video, so here is a youtube version of the same video



Original Facebook URL:  https://www.facebook.com/KREM2/videos/10153881882091301/



Video #4, Noon News Remix from Segment 3 with photos added.

 Teaser at 0:15 to 00:24, main segment at 03:06 to 05:56


Additional Notes, Links, etc.

The links mentioned in the videos:
Recreation Therapy & music based activities, especially role-playing games.
The RPG Trailer: http://www.rpgtrailer.com
The Patreon Page: http://patreon.com/rpgresearch
The RPG Research Project: http://www.rpgresearch.com
The RPG Training through RPG Therapeutics LLC: http://www.rpgtherapy.com
Note that this is the prototype trailer (it can hold 3-4 people in wheelchairs), the Gofundme is for building the more ideal trailer that can hold more people in wheelchairs (6-8 people). 
Other notes and additional links:
And as mentioned in video: the fuzzy d20 dice were a gift I received while on tour the previous weekend, from Adam Johns and Adam Davis of Wheelhouse Workshop - http://www.wheelhouseworkshop
The green bard hat thanks to Andy Dopieralski and Scott C. Brown of The Gamers http://www.watchthegamers.com and the Two Bards Podcast http://www.twobards.com
For my music as mentioned, "Synthetic Zen" you can listen and buy albums at http://www.indieairradio.com/product-category/music/hawke-robinson/ or check out live performances at http://youtube.com/thesyntheticzen and my website http://www.syntheticzen.com any money I receive for my music goes toward the RPG Trailer fund.
Additional Disclaimers & Notes:
At this stage I have been unable to get access to the other clips, they stated their lawyers do not allow them to release the archives to the public. I am still trying to find a means to get access to the rest of the clips that were more complete.
Since those missing clips included more details and some of my disclaimers, and they trimmed the online videos for the sake of brevity, here is more information about Hawke Robinson (me): http://rpgresearch.com/about/staff/hawke-robinson
Short summary: I am registered with the Washington State Department of Health as a Recreational Therapist, but still working toward getting the national certification from NCTRC, the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). I am nearing completion of an interdisciplinary degree in Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy, Neuroscience, & Research Psychology at Eastern Washington University.


Clarifications, Corrections, & Disclaimers

Some clarifications and corrections that didn't make it into the clips or need clarification in the article.

I am registered with the Washington State Department of Health, I do not work for them.

I am working on an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in Recreation Therapy, Music Therapy, Neuroscience, and Research Psychology through Eastern Washington University.

I am still working toward getting the national Therapeutic Recreation (TR) certification as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) through NCTRC. I have completed the required TR courses (and most of my other degree requirements), and I am now chiseling away at finishing my last few research psychology courses. I also have 2 internships to complete, one is a 16 week (40 hours/week) TR internship required to sit for the CTRS test, and a 10 week research psychology internship. Hopefully I will have all my degree requirements, the internships, and the CTRS requirements completed by the end of 2017, but no later than end of 2018.

I am an active member in good standing since 2014 for: American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) - http://www.atra-online.com, Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association (WSTRA) - http://www.wstra.org, Pacific Northwest American Therapeutic Recreation Association (PNWATRA) - http://www.pnwatra.org (since January 2016), and I am Mental Health USA First Aid Certified - MHFAC.

More information about Hawke Robinson here: http://rpgresearch.com/about/staff/hawke-robinson