Research Questions

This list is long out of date, but shows some of the roots that lead to the growth of role-playing game research, first as the RPG Research Project, and later as the incorporated non-profit RPG Research organization.

Back in 2004, besides listing the only 60 or so research studies on the effects of role-playing games, our founder also listed over 200 research questions he hoped would some day be answered to some degree.

This page is an archive of those questions. From time to time we will try to update this page with links to the latest information about those questions, but this is not a regularly updated page, sometimes years lapse before the next update. If you have questions about whether a specific question has had some research performed with any meaningful results, and there is not an update listed, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly let you know what the current status of that question is from to the best of our knowledge.

using role-playing games in relation to people with Developmental Delays (DD) and Developmental Impairments (DI).

Concepts of Theory of Mind (ToM), how role-playing games affect people in relation to ToM.

 recovery from various brain injuries (TBI, stroke, etc.), and how role-playing games should/could be adapted and/or used for various targeted, measurable, client goals.

 use of RPGs to help enhance or improve the learning process, but within the budgetary, staff, time, and content restraints of standard university settings.

 different areas of impact for Autism Spectrum Disorder / Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Not Otherwise Specified) related populations.

multiple variables involved for optimizing the RPG experience.

Health and obesity rates of different types of role-playing gamers? LARP v. Computer-based v. Tabletop. v. Hybrids.

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