Learning Pathways & Levels

Various pathways of learning and application

RPG Professional Training Levels

A wide range of pathways and options for learning and volunteering.

Here are links to the pages for each training pathway/track. Each page provides additional details about the requirements to complete a level.

Remember we are a 100% volunteer-run organization and so often we have a lot of catching up to do for updating our website. But over time these should get filled in by our volunteers to help provide you with the additional information you need.

While the Entertainment and Recreational pathways generally do not require additional training, licensing, etc., the Educational and therapeutic pathways require all trainees to acquire the required training, degrees, internships, certifications, licensing, and other requirements appropriate to their field, and your local, regional, and other government or professional licensing requirements.

These training pathways fill in the RPG blanks, but generally DO NOT cover other requirements for your profession in educational, medical, therapeutic or other professional fields. It is assumed that most educational and therapeutic pathway trainees are already certified educators, or licensed therapists in their field, but are looking for professional RPG training to add to their existing licensed profession.

For example, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCRC) for those training in the therapeutic pathway, plus registration and/or licensing depending on the state you are practicing in (if within the USA), or other similar professional requirements.

These additional requirements are elaborated upon in the pathway training program details.

Many of our volunteers choose to train in multiple roles in parallel or consecutively. You decide.

Pathways/Tracks (Levels of training/diplomas):

  • Player Archetype Specialist (3) - Apply

  • RPG Advocate (3) - Apply

  • RPG Facilitator (3) - Apply

  • ---

  • RPG Player (10+) - Apply

  • RPG Game Master (10+) - Apply

  • RPG Writer/Designer (10+) (pending)- Apply

  • ---

  • RPG Educator (5+) (pending)- Apply

  • RPG Entertainer (3+) (pending)- Apply

  • RPG Therapist (10+) (pending)- Apply

  • --- Tech --

  • ERPG Designer (3) (pending)- Apply

  • ERPG Software Developer (5+) - Apply

  • ERPG Development Manager (3+) (pending) - Apply

  • ERPG Story writer

  • ERPG animator

  • ERPG video editor

  • ERPG sound artist and technician

  • ERPG QA team

  • ERPG visual interface designer (UI)

  • ERPG user experience designer (UX)

  • Sound Engineer (3+) (pending) - Apply

  • Systems Administrator (3+) - Apply

  • Video, Lighting, & Streaming Engineer (3+) - Apply

  • Webmaster (3+) - Apply

  • ---

  • Research Archivist (3) - Apply

  • Research Assistant (3) - Apply

  • Researcher (3) - Apply

  • --- Creative Support --

  • Artist - Visual (3+) (pending)- Apply

  • Artist - Music (3+) (pending)- Apply

  • --- Administrative Roles ---

  • Accessibility Advocacy Specialist (3) (pending) - Apply

  • Accounting / Bookkeeper (3+) (pending)- Apply

  • Administrative Assistant (3) - Apply

  • Community Outreach Developer & Fundraiser (3+) - Apply

  • Editor (3+) (pending)- Apply

  • Grant Writer (3+) - Apply

  • Legal (3+) (pending)- Apply

  • Project Manager - Apply

  • Volunteer Coordinator (3+) - Apply

Links to pages with learning levels for each pathway:

  • RPG Player/GM Learning Levels Page

  • RPG Advocate Learning Levels Page

  • RPG Player Archetype Specialist Learning Levels Page

  • RPG Facilitator Learning Levels Page

  • RPG Entertainer Learning Levels Page

  • RPG Educator Learning Levels Page

  • RPG Therapist Learning Levels Page

  • ERPG Developer Learning Levels Page