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RPG Community Center Wishlist for Donations of Funds, Goods, and Services

We've just acquired property to setup the new RPG Community Center.

It is a major fixer-upper, and we very much need the engagement of the community to help us get it ready to be open for the publc.

You can help!

You can donate funds, pick from our wishlist of items, or donate your services to help out the community.

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Wishlist of items needed for RPG CC

Coming soon! We just acquired the property March 3rd. We'll have our wishlist up in a few days. Check back soon!

  • Metal roof repair and maintenance tightening services. Both buildings have metal roof and siding and need be be services, and some leaks addressed ASAP!

  • White interior paint (we welcome all colors, but this is the standby for now).

  • White exterior paint (we welcome all colors, but this is the standby for now).

  • Paint application tools/supplies (paint brushes, rollers, sprayer(s), trays, tarps, etc.)

  • Carpeting with padding or other flooring.

  • Sheetrock, we need quite a bit of sheet rock to replace some water damaged walls and ceilings.

  • Plaster repair, the older (1889) eastern building has plaster walls and ceiling that need work.

  • Comfortable and accessible tables and chairs (we just have Costco style folding chairs and tables currently. We need 10 tables each large enough to seat 6 people comfortably and allow wheelchairs to fit as well. We need 6 chairs per table (60 chairs) comfortable to sit in for between 1 to 3 hours per session typically.

  • Locking shelving/cabinets, especially locking shelving for books, games, and laptops. We needs hundreds of square feet of locking shelving/cabinets to store our hundreds of games and thousands of books that are used for our programs every day.

  • Machine washable tablecloths.

  • HVAC, the rear building does not have any heating or AC yet. We have to hurry and get at least heat in there for the insurance coverage (protect pipes from freezing, as well as comfort), but for the summer we'll roast if we can't get some kind of air conditioning in there. We are really hoping one of the great HVAC companies in the region will consider donating some kind of HVAC system to make it much more comfortable for the community.

  • Custom artwork painted on the interior and/or exterior walls befitting the community center's themes.

  • A much more detailed update to this list is coming shortly, we jut received the list from the building inspectors, and will be copying that information here in the coming days. Stay tuned!

This page is periodically updated with our most urgent needs.

You can  check out our informal blog posting  being updated about where we have been, where we are going, and what we need to get there.

Currently our greatest needs are:

  • Our current 1,700 square foot space is packed to the gills! We need to move to a larger space. Funding for a warehouse (or similar facility) is at least 2,000 to 4,000 square feet with 12' bay door ($0.40 to $,90 cents per square foot), minimum $24,000/yr (typical rent for low-end warehouse this size is around 2,000 to 3,000 per month in the Post Falls, Idaho or Spokane, Washington area). - Donate or Contact Us to help in other ways to achieve this goal (for example donating space).

  • Volunteer Coordinator - we have nearly 150 volunteer across 5 continents, we REALLY need someone to help us stay on top of this! Apply Online Here

  • Community Outreach & Fundraiser - we have nobody with fundraising or marketing background, we REALLY need someone to help us with this! Apply Online Here

  • Grant Writer. Apply Online Here

  • Administrative Assistant. Apply Online Here

  • CPA (pro bono). Please Contact Us

  • Lawyer (pro bono).    Please Contact Us

  • Assistant Systems Administrator. Apply Online Here.

  • Webmaster (Odoo/OpenERP). Apply Online Here.

  • Studio broadcast staff. Apply Online Here.

  • Video editing staff. Apply Online Here.

  • Video Transcription. Apply Online Here.

  • Internet Broadcast equipment - all of our broadcast equipment is currently borrowed, we need computers, webcams, lighting equipment, etc., so we can continue streaming without borrowing other people's equipment. Contact Us to Donate Directly or Donate Here

This page needs a volunteer to take it on to complete it.

If you are interested in helping complete this page, please  contact us.