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We evaluate a HUGE range of game systems every year for consideration in our research and community programs.

Generally we evaluate new systems between September through December. Then we "lock in" which systems we will add to our research and community programs.

From January through August we generally do NOT evaluate game systems formally, but some times we come across some that we evaluate "off schedule" if they may have an exceptional fit to our Mission, Vision, and/or Impact statements.

Part of the evaluation process is determining what Game Tier the game system should be place in without adaptation.

Then we need to evaluate where in our 20 levels of training the system would best fit for the best training stage.

In addition to reading through the game system, and doing playthroughs in our labs, we also test them in the community, before finalizing our evaluations of the systems.

We generally REQUIRE ANY SYSTEM WE WILL EVALUATE TO BE AVAILABLE IN PHYSICAL PRINT! It is great if the game is also available in electronic format (this is especially helpful for accessibility considerations). We have found that games that don't offer at least a Print on Demand option are usually so fleeting in their support, that by the time we finish our evaluation process (which typically takes anywhere from 3-18 months), the game is no longer available or supported (a la many Kickstarters).

There are plenty of terrific PDF/Electronic-only RPGs out there, but this print-option-available-requirement helps the scope of our prioritization. 

This evaluation process of a game typically takes on average around 3 to 18 months.

This means you will see many games here that are either in the middle of evaluation, may not have passed enough of our standards requirements to continue with evaluation and so only have a partial evaluation, or other partial listings here.

If you would like to volunteer to help complete these evaluation pages, please sign up as an RPG Research Volunteer to complete those pages.

Game Tiers Page

RPG Model Related

See information about the RPG Model we use.

Tabletop RPG Systems & Settings

Dungeons & Dragons

D&D / d20 Variants

Babylon Project RPG

Traveler & Variants

Open D6 Variants

Star Wars d6


Basic Role-Playing & Variants

GURPS Variants

Iron Crown Enterprises

Decipher Lord of the Rings

The One Ring RPG (TOR RPG) by Cubicle 7

  • TOR RPG 1st Edition (TOR1)

  • TOR RPG 2nd Edition (TOR2)

Doctor Who

  • Doctor Who by FASA

  • Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space (DWAITS) by Cubicle 7

Monte Cook Games

  • No Thank You Evil

  • Numenera

  • .... System

Margaret Weiss Productions (Cortex System)

  • Serenity (Cortex 1)

  • Firefly (Cortex 2)

  • Battlestar Galactica

  • Supernatural

Powerchords RPG

Super Heroes RPG

HERO System

  • HERO v5

  • HERO v6

Live-Action RPG Systems & Settings

Electronic RPG Systems & Settings

  • Dragon Age

  • Neverwinter Nights (Original)

  • Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (NWN:EE)

Hybrid RPG Systems & Settings

Audio RPG

  • Kronos

  • Blindscape

  • ...

  • ...

  • ...

Brain-Computer Interface RPG

  • Project Ilmatar

  • Phase 1 (NWN:EE based)

  • Phase 2: Text-based

  • Phase 3: Layered on triggered audio & animation/video clips

  • Phase 4: VR integration

  • Phase 5: Robotics integration

Games and Other Content Outside of The RPG Model

Interactive Fiction Based Media & Games

  • Choose Your Own Adventure Books by Chooseco

  • Chooseable Path by ...

  • ...

Board Games

Card Games

Theater & Improv Games