Social Distancing

and Role-Playing Games

We have covered an extensive amount of time about the psychological considerations of social isolation and how role-playing games can be a powerful tool to help people through such challenging times.

Roundtable on Socializing Distantly & Games (GenConTV):

GenConTV TableTakes segment on Senior Adults & Other High Risk Populations and considerations for Social Distancing, Isolation, and Suggestions to Help:

We also did a 3 part training series back in March on the psychology of social distancing, isolation, anxiety, depression, resilience, grit, and how role-playing games can help.

Part 1: Social Isolation, Depression & How Role-Playing Games Can Help:

Part 2: Isolation, Loneliness, Learn Helplessness, Resilience, Grit, & RPGs:

Part 3: Fear, Terror, Adaptation & How Role-Playing Games Help: