Drop In and RPG

Spark Central Community Program

RPG Research Checklist

1 Month Before Program Checklist

  • Assess requirement of upcoming event.

  • Allocate Staff.

  • Verify Spark Central Background Checks complete.

  • Verify RPG Research Background Checks complete.

  • Verify assigned staff completed in-house training for assigned games/tables and group demographics.

  • Send email reminders to community participants contact list.

  • Send phone reminders to community participants list.

Week Before Program Checklist

  • Send email reminders to community participants contact list

  • Send phone reminders to community participants list

  • Send email reminders to allocated staff

  • Verify/allocate sufficient staff to cover on-site facility, also verify sufficient staff allocated for online programs if happening at same time.

1-3+ Days Before Program Checklist

  • Verify All Kits Complete and Ready

  • Clean all kit equipment (as needed, check cleaning log)

  • Transportation arrangements and scheduling for staff and supplies confirmed

  • Re-check signups for online programs and update/verify/allocate sufficient staff to cover both on-site and on-line programs.

1 Hour Before Program Checklist

  • Pick up all kits and supplies needed to take to the community facility.

  • Verify everyone good to go for all online programs and everyone en route to on-site programs facility.

30 Minutes Before Program Checklist

  • All staff arrives at facility, and at online facilities to setup and prepare.

  • Drop off all kits and supplies needed to take to the community facility.

  • Clean all tables and contact surfaces.

  • All staff sets up equipment, kits, and supplies at facility.

  • Setup signage.

  • Retrieve community event activity log-book with sign-in folders and participant feedback forms.

  • Take photos of setup.

15 Minutes Before Program Checklist

  • All players should start showing up, checking in, filling out forms, and receiving gaming materials (on-site and/or on-line).

Program Start Checklist

  • Allocate all participants to appropriate table.

  • Have all participants sign into the log book

  • If first time in community center, read script to sign up as community center member (free) and provide paperwork if needed for registration

  • Hand out character sheets

  • Hand out pencil, paper, dice, miniatures, and other appropriate materials as needed

  • GM fills in Player Roster Form

  • Try to start game play within 5 minutes, maximum 15 minutes if paperwork or new participants of official start time (for example if published start time is 1:00 pm, then actual game play needs to start at 1:05 or 1:15 pm at the latest).

During Program Checklist

  • GM Updates observation log roughly every 30 minutes.

  • Regular physical break every hour for 5 minutes.

  • Program facilitator(s) and supervisors, observe each table, updating observation logs roughly every 30 minutes.

  • Program observer(s) staff scores Observed Immersion Scale (OIS) every 15 minutes.

  • Facilitator(s)/supervisor(s)/observer(s) pass notes/post-its/SMS messages to GMs as needed for any corrections or interventions recommended to optimize session experience for a table.

Ending Program Checklist

  • Post-session processing discussion, discuss what liked, what learned, and what would do differently in hindsight.

  • Have all participants complete participant feedback forms.

  • Receive feedback forms and photograph them, send to central repo.

  • Turn in character sheets and store in group folder.

  • Fill out checklist verifying return of all loaned dice, pencils, miniatures, equipment, etc.

  • Place feedback forms into community center's logbook folder and place in correct facility storage.

  • Submit OIS and supervisor logs to RPG Research repository.

  • Clean all tables, chairs, contact surface areas, and equipment.

  • Pack up all equipment into kits.

  • Load kits into vehicle(s).

  • Perform final facility check for anything missed.  

Post-Session Program Checklist

  • Once all confirmed complete, everyone meets just outside facility (before leaving).

  • Perform post-session evaluation discussion (5 minutes minimum, 15 minutes maximum).

  • Everyone leaves facility.

  • Return equipment to RPG Research storage.