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New Year's Paranoia Session tonight, beginning 9:00 pm.

- 12/31/2020 19:48:21

Greetings everyone,

Tonight is our traditional New Year's Eve Paranoia game session.

Who is planning to "attend" (in person or remote)?

Please email so he can be ready for you.

We can handle a fairly large group for this game.
Please gather for the game at 8:30 pm PST8PDT.
Game and broadcast begins at 9:00 pm PST8PDT, on our channel.

We will be picking up from where the last session ended. If you already had a character playing in this campaign, let Hawke know, so he can get you a copy of your character sheet ready (or emailed if remote).

If you have not played in this Paranoia group previously, please let Hawke know in advance so he can help you whip up a character (please arrive no later than 8:30, but no earlier than 8:00 pm to make your character).

For those that are superstitious, we have run Paranoia traditionally every New Year's Eve for many years, except last year we did not... :-)

Happy Gaming and Happy New Year!

RPG Research Volunteer Staff