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Level 1 RPG Trainee Workbook now available on Amazon!

- 11/29/2020 21:07:09

At long last the RPG Trainee Level 1 workbook is finally available in print!

This helps organize all of the training into one place, tracking your progress working toward the level 1 diploma.

The book is published by RPG.LLC (not RPG Research), but if you buy it through, Amazon will donate a small portion of all your purchases (anything you buy on to RPG Research at no added cost to you.

Also, RPG.LLC, after recouping the publishing costs, is donating 20% of all profits (from all programs) to RPG Research, that includes the books.

You are NOT required to buy the book to participate in training, but it it is a very useful tool to have to store what you are learning and track your progress.

Please help spread the word!

 Role-Playing Game Professionals Level 1 Training Workbook. 

RPG Research Volunteer Staff.