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Help us ASAP by linking your linkedin & social media accounts to RPG Research

- 10/26/2020 16:37:10

Please take just a couple of minutes to do this now.

In order to improve our chances for large donations and grants, we need everyone to link/follow us ASAP on and other social media ASAP.

To help raise awareness about the organization, if you haven't already, please create an account on

 Then connect with Hawke Robinson (RPG Research's founder) and list your association with RPG Research.

 This helps raise visibility about the non-profit and improve our chances for donations and grants. We're getting ready to apply for some large grants, and we need to show as much viability and visibility as possible to the potential donors.

While at it, please also follow us on our social media.
And any others /rpgresearch or @rpgresearch 

Thanks kindly!
RPG Research Volunteer Team