Level 1 Session 1 of 18 RPG Training

 for Player and Gamer Master Trainees

Role-Playing Game Training

RPG Research provides free RPG training to our volunteers. The public is welcome to join as players (though priority "seating" is given to our volunteers).

NOTE: Trainees working toward their level 1 player or GM diploma, must have a physical copy of the RPG Professional Level 1 Training Workbook. If you are not working toward your diploma, then you do not need the workbook to participate.

See our typical RPG Training Level 1 Training Outline by clicking the Typical Session Outline button below, or read the details about the specific topics covered during this session.

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Level 1 RPG Training Session 1 Specific Outline

Topic Part Course Number Links, Resources, & Notes
Introduction to the Training Program and Getting Started 1 of 2 RPG-0100-0001 Purchase Role-Playing Game Professional Level 1 Training Workbook. (only required for those working toward player or GM diploma).
Trainee Tech Access Setup - RPG-0100-0002 Verifying you have access to the websites you will need throughout this program.
Learning "Gamification": Creating Your "Learning Player Character". - RPG-0100-0003 You will have a virtual player character developing throughout this program that will be playable. The more engaged you are in the program, the more your PC (and you) will benefit.
Introduction to RPG Player Code of Conduct in Recreational Settings - RPG-0100-0110
Introduction to Basic Safety for Recreational Tabletop Programs and RPGs - RPG-0100-0201
Introduction to Sanitation and Tabletop Games - RPG-0100-0202
Introduction to Gamer Hygiene - RPG-0100-0203
Introduction to the Hawkes-Robinson RPG Model: The Four RPG Formats - RPG-0101-350
Introduction to the Hawkes-Robinson RPG Model: Non-RPG Formats: IF - RPG-0101-0350
Applied Gaming: Non-RPG Format: IF: Chooseable Path Adventure - RPG-0150-0201

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