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Remember that RPG Research is 100% volunteer run, and only raises about $3,000/yr in donations, most of which goes directly into our community programs and the government fees to exist as an incorporated non-profit charity.

We will get to your ticket as soon as we can Since we are volunteer-run, we try not to overload any single volunteer too much, so we generally try to keep our volunteers only committing to about 4-10 hours a week at most (including their weekly training). Most of our volunteers are focused on provided research and community programs (mostly researchers, archivists, and game masters), and we have very few volunteers helping with administrative roles or technical support. If you would like to help, please check out our Volunteer page and sign up, we desperately need volunteers for these administrative and technical roles.

If it is really urgent If it is really urgent for you to get a hold of us ASAP, please see our Connect with us information below or on our Contact Us page, for our phone number, etc.