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Role-Playing Game Community Center

We are getting close to opening a new RPG CC in the Spokane, Washington area in first half of 2022.

The new Spokane RPGCC will also house the hands-on interactive learning historical RPG Museum.

It will include many accessibility resources for Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HoH), visually impaired and blind, mobility and grasping impairments, and others.

RPG Research is a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit research and human services charitable organization.

We will be announcing the address of the new RPG Community Center location in the Spokane, Washington region very soon. Check back in a few weeks for updates.

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Drop In and RPG

All ages welcomed from 2 years old (with parent/guardian) through senior adults to drop in and join our role-playing games.

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RPG Interactive Museum

Hands-on learning interactive Role-Playing Game Historical Museum.

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Drop In and Jam

Facilitated drum circles and cooperative open music jams.

Some of our History

We have been involved with role-playing games since 1977, and cooperative music for decades.

While we have 3 wheelchair accessible mobile facilities, a small office, and many locations partnered with other organizations for years (such as Spark Central since 2017), where we provide community programs, we haven't had our own large capacity community center, until now.

Learn more about us.

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Many Locations We Support

We have been providing these community services at many different locations over the decades, including:

  • schools

  • other community centers

  • parks and recreation facilities

  • long-term care facilities

  • rehabilitation facilities

  • rural and remote locations

  • conventions, conferences, and other events

  • fundraisers

  • churches

  • homes

  • online

  • mobile wheelchair accessible RPG tours with the RPG Mobiles

  • business offices

  • and many other locations

For example, we have been at the wonderful Spokane Spark Central Community center since 2017 with our Drop In and RPG programs, as covered in the Inlander magazine.

Larger Dedicated Facilities

Beginning in 2022, we will have larger dedicated facilities providing the powerful developmental benefits of role-playing games and cooperative music to the communities that need it most.

All RPG formats are provided, including: tabletop (TRPG), live-action (LRPG and larp), electronic (including VR , AR, Metaverse, and BCI), and hybrids (HRPG). Cooperative music programs include facilitated drum circles and open music jams for up to 50 people at a time. We also provide many related activities including arts and crafts, minecraft, and much more.

We specialize in accessible services for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Visually Impaired and Blind, Autism spectrum, people with mobility and grasping impairments, at-risk populations, senior adults, and many others.

Our volunteers provide these services for free to the public.

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Museum & Archives Volunteers

Here you see some of our in-person and online volunteers working on processing our research and museum archives materials. This particular batch shown is from the Paul Cardwell Jr. estate kindly donated by his widow Gladys. The Cardwell collection contains over 1,000 pounds of material in 25 boxes, spanning the history of tabletop games from 1970 through 2020, especially media's treatment of role-playing games throughout its history

 Our volunteer are literally using white glove treatment, indexing, cataloging, scanning, and repackaging into safer storage containers, these wonderful donations. We have collections of materials available nowhere else in the world, all in one location, and we share access freely. Our wonderful volunteers and your donations of materials and money make all this possible!