Role-Playing Game Master Level I Trainee Volunteer (GM1) (Greater Spokane Area)

Spokane, United States

Become an exceptional role-playing game master through our exceptional proven training programs, and then help us deliver role-playing game sessions for the communities we serve!

Commitment of 4-8 hours hours per week (4 hours training, then twice per month providing 2-4 hours giving back to the community as a facilitator, player, GM, or other roles in our other sessions to help train others, or in helping with approved community programs). 

Training can be online from anywhere in the world (we have nearly 200 volunteers across 6 continents), but for this role you must be able to come to the greater Spokane Area at least twice per month.

Application, Training, & Participation Process

  1. Read about the role, responsibilities, requirements, and commitments on this page: https://www.rpgresearch.com/jobs/detail/role-playing-game-master-level-i-trainee-volunteer-gm1-207

  2. Click the Apply Now button.

  3. Complete and send the application form

  4. Respond to confirmation email verifying your understanding this is an unpaid volunteer position.

  5. Confirm interview appointment (typically 2 to 8+ weeks after application.

  6. Pass interview(s).

  7. Accept verbal offer.

  8. Accept and sign our Codes of Conduct and Attribution Agreement documents.

  9. Accept email/written offer.

  10. Select and commit to training schedule.

  11. Select and commit to "give back to the community" schedule.)

  12. Purchase the training workbook (physical printed version recommended to help you track your training progress).

  13. Attend training and other sessions each week/month.

  14. Complete 18 Player Training Sessions (also take tests and other requisites if going for training diploma).

  15. Complete 18 GM Training Sessions (also take tests and other requisites if going for training diploma).

  16. Participate in at least 2 other sessions per month (helping give back to the community) to help with training others, community programs, or research projects, when able.

After sufficient training, completing the 18-36 week training program (at least level 1 diploma), if you wish to run a recreational/community RPG program in your area, we ask you to sign and agree to following our codes of conduct for running programs in your area, and to give full attribution to RPG Research where applicable.

Training Overview

  • Attend weekly training (4 hours per session).

  • Complete all requirements for our Level 1 RPG Trainee Diploma (18 to 36 sessions training program).

  • Purchase and use Level 1 RPG Trainee Workbook to track your training progress.

  • Act as player to help train other game masters, at least once per month.

  • Act as Game Master to run session training other volunteers, at least once per month.

  • "Give back to the community" - act as facilitator and/or GM to run programs for community, event, research, or other programs, at least twice per month.

Additional training information

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Run tabletop RPG sessions at various locations and/or online

  • Facilitate 1-6 players per session.

  • Prepare adventures in accordance with RPG Research rules and guidelines, including Code of Conduct.

  • Complete assessment forms when appropriate.

  • Prepare character sheets for participants to choose from.

  • Run adventures ranging from "one shots" to ongoing mid-length and long-term campaigns.

  • Address any group interpersonal issues, and maintain players compliance with RPG Research Player Code of Conduct.

  • Attend either in-person, or via remote access, at least one free training session / administrative meeting per week (4 hours)

  • Availability for at least 2 regular group sessions per month (game sessions typically 3-5 hours) (in addition to training sessions).

  • Strongly self-motivated

  • Strong collaborative work ethic

  • Reliable schedule compliance




  • Must pass background check before allowed to work with participants outside of RPG Research training labs, or handle sensitive data (usually completed within 90 days of active participation, RPG Research covers the cost of the background check).

  • Assertive (not aggressive) presence with confident, warm, friendly, empathetic, and compassionate communication style.




Optional but helpful:

  • Experienced theatrical acting skills

  • Effective voice acting skills

  • Background in education

  • Background in therapeutic disciplines

*RPG Formats included in our programs and training:

  • tabletop (RPG)

  • live-action (LRPG & LARP)

  • electronic (ERPG & CRPG)

  • hybrids (HRPG, including SABM)

Core Competencies (will train):

  • Organizational skills

  • Group dynamics conflict resolution skills

  • Storytelling skills

  • Verbal and written communication skills.

  • Enthusiastic communication style that excites others with your passion about the topics discussed.

  • "Can do" attitude, and an eye for seeing where people need help before they have to ask.

  • Outgoing presence.

  • Well organized approach to preparing for game sessions and tracking participant progress

  • Passionate supportive energy

Working Conditions

  • Online and/or in-person sessions, typically ranging between 2-5 hours (including setup and tear-down).

  • Most training sessions are recorded and/or broadcast live over the Internet (must agree to these terms for all game masters).

  • Game Master may be asked to participate in a variety of locations including but not limited to:

    • RPG Research studio(s)

    • RPG Research offices

    • RPG Bus

    • RPG Trailers

    • Online

    • Conventions

    • Libraries

    • Parks

    • Community centers

    • Educational institutions

    • Care facilities

    • Remote work

    • And other locations


  • As with all positions at RPG Research, this is an unpaid Volunteer position with no financial compensation.

  • Extensive free training that costs thousands of dollars at other organizations.

Job Types:

  • Volunteer, Part-time, Temporary, Internship, unpaid.

  • Salary: $0 USD


  • Years experience working in community centers and similar environments?

  • Years tabletop role-playing game master (GM) experience (any RPG system)?

  • Years tabletop role-playing game  player experience (any RPG system)?

  • Do you understand that while most of the beginning training can be provided remotely, that you must be able to attend in-person at least twice per month to "give back to the community"?

  • Do you understand that this is an unpaid volunteer position for a 501(c)3 non-profit charity?

  • Do you have Therapeutic Recreation / Recreational Therapy experience/training ? (not required, but love to have students and professionals from the TR/RT industry as a great fit!): 

  • Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) (not required, but great to have)?

  • Years experience with Live Streaming over the Internet?

  • Years experience working with at-risk populations?

  • Years experience working with people various disabilities?