Community Outreach Development, Marketing, & Fundraising [Volunteer]

Spokane, United States

RPG Research has an urgent need to fill the role of Community Outreach Development, Marketing, & Fundraising Volunteer.

We have three positions available for this role. We need to fill the roles at the Assistant, Manager, and Director levels.

This position is critical to helping support our Mission, Vision, & Impact statements, by engaging the communities around the world for our research and community programs, raising awareness about us through marketing, and developing the fundraising programs we need to sustain and grow our research and community programs worldwide.

This is a volunteer part-time position with very flexible hours, around 2 to 10 hours per week, on average around 3-6 hours per week.

More details and updates on this position here: https://www.rpgresearch.com/jobs/detail/community-outreach-development-marketing-fundraising-volunteer-198 

We would like to have around 3 to 5 volunteers working together as a team to fill this role, and over time allow those that want to take on a more leadership role for this division to do so. We want to be careful never to overload our volunteers, so that is why we use this distributed task model rather than putting too much on any one volunteer for these tasks, we all help share the load, a little bit each week.

The primary function of this role is to create and implement fundraising campaigns and initiatives that raise awareness, funds ,and other resources for RPG Research's community events and research projects.


  • Create and manage online fundraiser campaigns and initiatives.

  • Create and manage print fundraiser campaigns and initiatives.

  • Contact local, regional, national, and international organizations for donations & sponsorship.

  • Attend one RPG Research Administrative meeting per week (1 hour).

  • Opportunities to become manager and/or director of the department over time if desired.

  • Work remotely.


This position requires the following skills:

  • Donor acquisition, management, and retention skills.

  • Successful fundraiser skills, training, & experience.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and presence.

  • Creative ability to come up with solutions to fundraising needs.

Optional but preferred skills

  • Formal training in fundraiser strategies and techniques


RPG Research is a 100% volunteer-run international 501(c)3 non-profit research & human services organization studying the effects of music and role-playing games, and their potential to improve quality of life for people around the world. http://www.rpgresearch.com

  • RPG Research has been involved with role-playing games since the 1970s and researching their effects since 1983. We have also helped run programs in schools since 1985, and in therapeutic settings since 2004.

  • We have been offering the world's most comprehensive repository of research information on role-playing games, freely and openly, online since 2004.

  • We are a 100% volunteer-run international research & human services 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization.

  • We are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families living in the communities we serve around the world.

  • In 2020 we directly improved the lives of more than 30,000 people worldwide, with fewer than 130 volunteers and less than $10,000 USD in donations!

We aim to further our mission, vision, and impact through:

  • Continuing to provide the world's largest, free and open research repository on the effects of cooperative music and role-playing games, including: tabletop, live-action, electronic, and hybrids.

  • Community Events - we host a multitude of events, often educational or recreational in nature, throughout the year with the hopes of offering residents in our target communities, or online, a positive alternative in their lives.

  • Regular online broadcasts and special event programs to educate and raise awareness.

  • Speak at public events like professional conferences and fandom conventions.

  • Tour the USA with the wheelchair accessible, and stimuli controlled, RPG Bus and RPG Trailers, advocating and raising awareness

  • Especially providing programs to under-served and un-served locations all but ignored by most other organizations.

  • Community Outreach Programs - we offer a number of programs directly to sectors of our target communities including schools, libraries, community centers, parks, events, and other locations to help serve many populations from 2 years old through senior adults, at-risk and high-risk youth and adults, incarcerated populations, people with disabilities, brain injuries, mental health challenges, learning challenges, neuro-differences, Deaf and hard of hearing, visual impairments, and many others.

Job Type: Part-time, Internship, Volunteer, Unpaid.

Salary: $0.00 /year. $0.00/hour 

Application Questions

  •     How many years of donor management experience do you have?

  •     How many years of fundraising experience do you have?

  •     How many years of fundraising coordinator experience do you have?

  •     How many years of grant research experience do you have?

  •     How many years of grant writing experience do you have?

  •     How many years of local fundraising experience do you have?

  •     How many years of non-profit experience do you have?

  •     How many years of online fundraising experience do you have?

  •     How many years of social media campaigns experience do you have?

  •     How many years of volunteer experience do you have?

  •     Are you able to work in Spokane, WA?

  •     Do you speak English?

  •     Are you willing to undergo a background check, in accordance with local law/regulations?

  •     Why are you interested in this job?

  •     When are you available for an interview or phone screen? Please list 2-3 dates and times or ranges of times.

  •     Who referred you to this role? (if you don't have an answer, you can leave this field blank)

  •     When are you available for an interview or phone screen? Please list 2-3 dates and times or ranges of times.