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- 12/19/2020 20:26:37

@everyone something was borked with Jitsi today for all of the Spark rooms. Tthey were all deleted on the server's prosody, and when I created new ones nobody could login to them anyway. So I had to create new rooms for all of the DropInAndRpg groups.   They are now dropin1 = Dan's D&D group, dropin2 = NTYE event, dropin3 = AiMe event, dropin4 = BFRPG Gold in the Hills event, dropin5 = BFRPG Bear Dungeons event.    Same password for all Drop In and RPG rooms: "game" (without the quotes). I have updated the text and link for each of those event pages too, also clarity about clicking the spinning button in that text as well.     @Niklas Anderson @Danielle Whitworth @David Griffith  @Daniel (Dan) Ivey @Samuel Barrett @John Welker