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Finished all 16 weeks of the i [...]

- 10/30/2020 22:24:17

Finished all 16 weeks of the instructor manual rough draft yesterday. Started last night working on the formatting of the trainee workbook. Have chapters 1 through 3 roughly in place, trying to get time to do the rest, but looking like with everything piling on, not sure I'll get it ready for peer review tonight, still trying. Can't work on it tomorrow because I need to spend tomorrow preparing for our Halloween Special Call of Cthulhu fun session. I'll be the "Keeper" (GM) for the 7th edition Masks of Nyarlathotep introductory adventure. We're going all out with green screen, lighting, fog machine, some folks going cosplay (not required), sound effects, etc.   Watch the stream  Saturday October 31st 9 pm to 1:00 am PST8PDT on