RPG Research New Year's Annual Paranoia RPG

Frag 2021 and Schloop Through the Pneumatic Tube into 2022

Paranoia New Year, Welcome The Future With Dark Humor!

Each year we welcome in the New Year with an all-night Paranoia Role-Playing Game session. A darkly humorous future.

 From 9:00 pm until 1:00 / 2:00 am Pacific Time, enjoy the hilarity of this distinctive RPG.

We'll be continuing the story from the previous session, and welcoming through the pneumatic clone-deliver tube newcomers as well.

  • Stay Alert!

  • Trust No One!

  • Keep You Laser Handy!

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Watch this year's live-stream or recorded episode. 
If you missed the live broadcast, Patreon supporters can view the recorded version here:


If you miss the live stream, the recorded version will first be available to our Patreon supporters as a thank you for their donations, and then for the general public some time later.

Participating in the Game?

Join us on the Role-Playing Game Social Network (RPGSN) on rpgsn.net RPG Research Training Room here: https://chat.rpgsn.net/#/room/#training1:rpgsn.net

RPGSN.net [matrix] account required.

Or directly on Jitsi here:

RPG Research volunteer password required.

Watch previous episodes here:

2020 to 2021

Slightly Edited:





We skipped 2019 to 2020, and look what happened to the world!


2018 to 2019

Part 0 - Pre-game and Character Generation ("Session Zero")

Okay to skip if you don't need to learn about Paranoia RPG from scratch.


Part 1 - Game Session Begins, Premise Introduction (3 minutes 29 seconds)


Part 2 Main game play