RPG Research Migration Tuesday January 25th 2022

Expect website and Odoo outages on this day, all other services should be unaffected.


We are moving the main RPG Research Odoo server to a new setup to clear out some issues with the old setup.

We are not upgrading Odoo versions (or downgrading) as we did previously. We are still staying with Odoo 12 for now, but we are moving to a fresh new clean setup.

Whereas before we only had 1 server which was handling development (DEV), testing (TST), staging (STG), and production (PRD), we spent last year building up our infrastructure to scores of CPUs and many servers, so we could enable our own virtualization and have separate server instances setup for DEV / TST, for STG, and for PRD.  This means improved stability and availability of the public website.

However, in order to clean out the cruft of many mistakes we've made with the old/current setup, we're going to have to (once again) semi-manually migrate the content. (I hear the groans, and commiserate).

We're working out right now trying to bulk export/import user accounts, so hopefully you will only have to (at most) set a new password (which we're overdue for doing periodically anyway, and we wanted everyone at the last board meeting we would be doing this year).

When this migration is finished we will have a much cleaner setup, and be able to safely add many more features to the site that we've been wanting to add but previous mistakes were preventing.

We will have much better change management and be able to test out new functionality before risking adding it to the public PRD environment.

If you are interested in helping with the QA process in the DEV, TST, and STG environments, let us know and we'll add you to the QA team list.

Watch for regular updates over the coming days/weeks as these additional features are tested on DEV, TST, and STG, and finally appear in PRD.

Expect the website to be unavailable Tuesday. 

We will be keeping the old site up and running, just under a different DNS name, that you will be able to access during this migration process.

Then Wednesday, try logging in to the new site and let us know if you have any problems by sending email to:


Thank you for your patience as we continue to grow and build up our capabilities significantly.

Many thanks to the terrific volunteers putting in the many hours to help make this all possible!



-Hawke Robinson

President & Founder, RPG Research


"International non-profit accessible & inclusive music & role-playing

game research & community programs." Washington State Department of

Health Registered Recreation Therapist.



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