RPG Research is "Radio Silent" August 3rd - 9th, 2020

We will resume normal operations August 10th, 2020

From August 3rd through August 9th, all RPG Research volunteers, including our founder Hawke Robinson, will be completely offline and "radio silent".

We will resume normal operations and broadcasts beginning Monday August 10th PST8PDT. We will then begin the process of catching up on emails, voice mails, etc.

WE URGENTLY NEED ADMINISTRATIVE VOLUNTEERS: Volunteer Coordinator (100+ volunteers), Community Outreach & Fundraising Director, Marketing/Social Media Manager, Grant Writer(s), Administrative Assistants, Webmasters (Odoo & Plone), etc.

We are all recuperating from the intense months of preparation from helping upgrade The Fantasy Network's platform to run WorldCon 78/CoNZealand & The Hugo Awards, and the scores of events we ran at GenCon, & TFN's hosting of the GenCon Film Festival, Spark Central Drop In & RPG community programs, & RPG Research training sessions, all in the same 5 days.

RPG Research is founded and run by 100% unpaid volunteers, and we only raise about $3,000/yr in donations, so everything depends on our 100+ volunteers across 5 continents not burning out. Usually we only ask about 4-6 hours per week from each volunteer, with a little bump during special events, and that has worked well to hang on to our volunteers over the years, while other organizations tend to burn through volunteers rapidly.

This year was an unusual situation. Some of us spent 7 days a week, 18-24 hours a day, for 4+ months (mostly the founders) trying to make it so these important social online events would be ready in time and not be be cancelled as the physical versions had been.

Now we all need some recovery time and the only way to really get that is to fully unplug for a week. Then we'll be back at it fresh and raring to go!

If you need to reach our founder Hawke Robinson, all of his phones will be switched off and he may well be in the wilderness somewhere, composing music by running water, with no phone or Internet signal anyway.

Please leave voicemails or email so we can get back to you upon our return.

Beginning August 10th we will catch up on any backlog.

If it is truly urgent, and you know her number, you can call Hawke's wife, as the gateway to contact him, about anything urgent.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

P.S. There is one exception, Hawke may have been invited to his usual monthly showing at GenConTV's TableTakes live Twitch stream, so he might be making an appearance briefly there on Friday August 7th if you want to speak with him about anything during that brief window.