RPG Bus Lives Again!

Thank you Drake!

The RPG Bus has been broken for over 13 months from a ball joint in the lower control arm issue, stuck in my driveway.

A shop had previously put new ball joints but apparently cross-threaded one of the ball joint  castle nuts, leading to this situation late 2020 in winter weather.

Due to my current ailments (lungs, back, and abdomen) I couldn't do what I usually could and work on it myself (yet).

I also could not find a mechanic that would come to the house to fix it, and it would be over a thousand dollars just to tow it to a shop (22' bus over 12,000 pounds (20,000 GVWR).

Fortunately my youngest son, Drake, (the only one of my three sons really interested in cars and working on cars) drove all the way from Butte, Montana, and in the cold weather, spent the weekend+ disassembling the front right suspension, had a shop press in new parts, and he  installed the fixed control arm and stabilizer bar with a new bushing.


Tonight, for the first time in over a year I drove the bus. I just took it up the street and back, but all worked well. 

I will be taking it to a shop (difficult to find for this type of vehicle, for further work to get the emergency brake working again (broken since it stopped working midway through the 2018 RPG Tour).

Thanks so much to Drake for bringing the bus back to life!