Possible New Location of RPG Community Center, Research Center, & RPG Museum

In Spokane, Washington

We are in lease negotiations for a possible location for RPG Research’s new RPG Community Center, Research Center, and experiential learning RPG Museum in Spokane, Washington!

Feb 15 could be move-in date if all goes well! Still working out details of lease agreement, you never know if negotiations will make it fall through. But property owner being very supportive & realtor Doug Byrd amazingly helpful too! Onward! #rpgcommunitycenter #rpg #spokane

Meanwhile, our existing (packed) RPG Museum #RpgMuseum status update

Photo shows volunteers cataloging, indexing,  scanning, and storage upgrading the Paul Carwell Jr. legacy collection (25 boxes and over 1,000 pounds of #RPG & #gaming history from 1970 to 2020) underway! www.rpgmuseum.org #trpg #larp #crpg #rpgresearch #rpghistory

Just one of many contribution to the Role-Playing Game Experiential Learning and Historical Museum (RPG Museum). More information and updates at www.rpgmuseum.org.

Donate items or funds to the RPG Museum. RPG Research is a 501(c)3 100% volunteer-run non-profit charitable organization.

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