Now in Phase 2 of our BCI-ERPG Opensource Project

Our Brain-Computer Interface Multiplayer Online Electronic Role-Playing Game (BCI-MOERPG)

We are now in Phase 2 (& year 2) of our Brain-Computer-Interface software development project for an Electronic Role-Playing Game built from the ground up with accessibility in mind, that you can play with just your brain!

Many thanks to the great team of around a dozen volunteer developers who have stuck it out this long.

Still a long way to go, but a significant milestone!

It will take at least 6-12 months to get through the toolset building portion of Phase 2. Then the actual adventure creation using those tools. And verifying the BCI interfaces work along the way.

We will then take as long as needed to debug and verify the Phase 2 version of the game is fully playable with just a BCI headset.

Then onward to Phase 3 (graphical/audio overlay triggers a la Dirk the Daring style but turn-based rather than twitch-based), and then Phase 4 (robotics integration into boardgame devices (dice roller, moving miniatures, moving through map, etc., some years away from now most likely).

The demo adventure, already worked out during Phase 1 prototyping with NWN:EE, detailed in our Twinery data, is based on Shakesepeare's "The Tempest". The Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition prototype is now playable on our dedicated server.

NOTE: We are moving our weekly dev meetings from Thursdays to Saturdays 10:00 am PST8PDT. Streamed live on our channel.

We also now need to begin buying some of the expensive BCI hardware. This can range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars per headset depending on the features and quality.

If you would like to join as a developer, sign up here:

If you would like to donate money to help us buy more BCI equipment, please go here:

If you would like to send us BCI equipment directly as a donation or loan, please see our Contact Us page and let us know:


-Hawke Robinson

Founder, RPG Research