30,000+ people directly helped by RPG Research in 2020!

With just 130 volunteers and less than $10,000 USD

We are still finishing crunching the numbers for 2020, but we have found that our efforts directly impacted AT LEAST 30,000 lives in 2020!

With fewer than 150 volunteer and less than $10,000 in funding, we helped improve the lives of tens of thousands of people across 6 continents!  It looks like we may have raised up to $18,000 USD in 2020, but the difference did not arrive until the end of the year after all of our programs in 2020 were complete. This means all the programs that were measurably providing a direct impact on people, were provided with less than $10,000 USD!

  • This means that each $1 USD donated to RPG Research measurably improved the quality of life for more than 3 people!

  • This means that each volunteer directly impacted the lives of at least 230 people!

This of course does not count the harder to measure impact from the ripple effect of our programs. For example proven reduction of the juvenile crime rate in local neighborhoods from our programs. 

This includes our programs providing:

  • Free Role-playing game sessions: tabletop, live-action, electronic, and hybrids

  • Free Accessibility, accessible/adaptive development, training, advocacy

  • RPG Tours

  • Cooperative music and drum circles

  • Online events hosting platform development for TheFantasy.Network, WorldCon 78 New Zealand, GenCon and GenCon Film Festival, Seattle Film Festival, Technorama Australia, Realm Makers, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, ZoeCon, Spokane School District, Spark Central community center, and many others others!

  • Free training

  • Free Workshops

  • Open Research

  • Community centers, libraries, schools, parks, public events, online, and mobile facilities

  • Free consulting services (donations welcomed!)

  • Electronic role-playing game brain-computer interface development program (opensource)

  • And much more!

For more information about how our programs have such an incredible impact, see our:

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