2020 RPG Research Year in Review

Short List


  • Hawke ,Danielle, and John working on Gen Con 2020 Programming - link

  • BFRPG Accessible Character Sheet published at basicfantasy.org website

  • Began using Odoo 13 to replace Plone and 6 other separate products.

  • Began prep for RPG Conference 2020


  • Met with Cursed Crypt at their factory

  • Spark Central Community center Workshops

  • Gen Con TV TableTakes - Hawke Robinson Neurodiversity in Gaming and more!



  • Looked into multiple fundraisers (Les Schwab Tires, St Patrick's Day parade.

  • COVID-19

  • Moved Spark Central Drop-in and RPG Online

  • Purchased New Trailer (Octane) (now fleet includes RPG Trailer 2 (1 was destroyed by theives), RPG Bus, and RPG Trailer 2)

  • GenCon TV TableTakes March 20th



  • Continued Spark Central moved online for Drop-in and RPG

  • Began work on TFN's Event Platform for ZoeCon, Technorama, Realm Builders, WorldCon, and GenCon Film Festival 

  • Zoe Con April 24

  • Unboxing "Stranger Things" D&D Starter Set

  • Received Activity Kit from Wizard of the coast (D&D Beyond)

  • Stabilized 12 week training program

  • GenCon TV - GenCon Roundtable: GenConVersations - Socializing Distantly & General Well Being



  • Mentioned in NBC News article - link pending

  • Rrefurbished laptop purchases for RPG Research from donor funds for ERPG department, purchased through Techsoup

  • ASL RPG sessions resume

  • Started move from Odoo 13 to Odoo 12

  • Rolling for Change Podcast - https://www.rollingforchange.com/2020/05/11/rpg-research-with-hawke-robinson/

  • GenConTV - Gen Con Roundtable: GenConVersation - Mental Health And Socializing Distantly 



  • Accessible Gaming Quarterly (Need AD)

  • Critical Core Playtest

  • World of Beru ends season 2.

  • RPG Tour from WA across country to ME to TX and back to WA. - www.rpgtour.com

  • Created RPG Museum.org and GoFundMe - www.rpgmuseum.org

  • Received DOTS Accessibility Committee Invitation

  • Hosted Technorama Australia convention on co-developed TFN Event Platform


  • Hosted Realm Makers convention on co-developed TFN Event Paltform

  • Hosted WorldCon 78 on co-developed TFN Event Platform

  • GenCon 2020 - RPG Research Workshops

  • GenCon 2020 - RPG Games

  • GenCon 2020 - Ancient and World Tabletop Games

  • Hosted GenCon film festival co-developed TFN Event Platform

  • GenCon TV Tabletakes - Overcoming Interpersonal and Societal Conflict Through the Power of Role-Playing Gaming



  • Spark Central (at same time as World Con and Gen Con)

  • GenCon 2020 - RPG Research Workshops

  • GenCon 2020 - RPG Games

  • GenCon 2020 - Ancient and World Tabletop 

  • RPG Research vacation Aug 3-9, for everyone to recover from intense summer of programs.

  • Phase 1 BCI-ERPG completed

  • Phase 2 BCI-ERPG begins

  • Archivists department formed and begins consolidating and cleaning up research archives.

  • Work continues with RPG Museum, now with archivist team added.

  • Mindcrack Podcast

  • GenCon TV Tabletakes - Role-Playing Game Group Formation, Communication, and Dynamics with Hawke Robinson August 21



  • PBS KIDS contacted Hawke

  • Alexis and Danielle stared RPG Research inventory

  • Change GM level 1 training program from 12 weeks to 16 weeks.


  • Save against Fear - 

  • Rescheduled SpoCon Epic for April 2021

  • Archivists team completes moving 1,000+ content items (estimated ~10,000 items)

  • Personally Speaking guest on KYRS Thin Air Community Radio - 

  • Call of Cthulhu Halloween late night special broadcast - 


  • OpenBCI R&D Kit

  • Paper submitted to Educational Psychology Review - "Play for Growth: A Systematic Literature Review of Games and Socioemotional Skills" by Lucy Zheng, et al.

  • RPG Training Workbook Amazon Preview Edition Published

  • Selected RPG Museum catalog software


  • MindCrack Charity fundraising 8-hour RPG marathon

  • Scheduled New Game Evaluation and brought back Advocacy class

  • GenCon TV TableTakes (begins at 1:15:37)