John Welker

Vice-President & Co-Founder

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About John Welker

John Welker formally joined the RPG Research Project November 2016. John has a broad and deep background that provides invaluable benefit to the project and related efforts. 

John Welker, is based in Spokane Valley, WA.

John runs the Spokane Area Gaming Alliance (SAGA):, and is the Wizards of the Coast D&D Adventurers League Spokane Representative:

You can contact John through the RPG Research website, Facebook, or Twitter:


  • Bachelor's of Business Management *(Graduated Oct ‘08)* University Of Phoenix

  • Licensed Practical Nurse *(Graduated Feb ‘95)* Academy of Health Sciences Dept. of Nursing Science

  • Drama Major *(‘88-‘89) *North Idaho College 


In addition to John's extensive RPG background, John has considerable experience in customer services for various industries. He also has healthcare and military related background (summarized below)...

  • Residential Counselor 2009 - Penrith Farms Therapeutic Community - Night staff caregiver

  • Home Health Care Nurse 2006 - 2007 - AHC In-Home Care - Provided medical care to patients requiring artificial airways.

  • Charge Nurse 2005 - 2006 - Newport Community Hospital - Night shift supervisor for long term care facility.

  • Staff Nurse 2001 - 2005 - Deaconess Medical Center - Provided medical care to patients on the Advanced Cardiac Unit.


  • Retired United States Army Reserves 21 June 2006

  • Last Deployed 27 January 2003 - 02 July 2004

  • United States Army Reserves - 02 February 2001 - 21 June 2006

  • United States Army (Active Duty) - 23 August 1989 - 02 February 2001

  • United States Army Reserves - 26 April 1985 - 22 August 1989 


"I started role-playing with Dungeons & Dragons in 1979. Since then I have played various gaming systems to include Shadow Run, World of Darkness, Battle Tech, Doctor Who, DC Heroes, Marvel Superheroes, Top Secret, Call of Cthullu, Star Frontiers, Gurps, Toon, and many more. Live action role-playing experience includes, Amtgard, Society for Creative Anachronism, World of Darkness and True Dungeon.

I joined the RPGA in 2000 at my first GenCon and Pathfinder Society in 2012. I was a Wizards of the Coast Delegate for two years. I was the D&D Adventures League Local Coordinator for the Spokane and Eastern Washington.

I am currently the D&D tournament organizer for Uncle's Games. In addition to running games in stores I have run games at multiple conventions to include SpoCon, Rad Con, and Winter Fantasy, with the highlight being the D&D Open Tournament at GenCon 2004 and 2005.

I am founder of Spokane Area Gaming Alliance (S.A.G.A) a not for profit organization that organizes and runs tabletop games for stores, conventions like World Con (Sasquan 2015), and charities like Extra Life (Children's Miracle Network Hospitals)."